New Semester, New Ideas, New Journalism

After a semester hiatus from teaching JOUR 121: Advanced Writing and Reporting, we are back. And that means this blog will be active again.

As with past semesters, I want my students to leave this semester with a strong skill set of knowing how to tell interesting stories in a variety of ways. They will learn how to capture and edit audio and video; they will see how numbers and other kinds of data can reveal stories; they will think visually and socially; and they will play with tools. We will look at formats they may not have considered yet (VR journalism anyone?) and look to see what other trends are starting to take hold. And we will bring the basic journalism skills and ethics to bear on all of this.

My hope is that these new ideas and new ways of storytelling will show my students just what an exciting time this is to be in journalism. Despite all the changes and cuts and chaos, if they remain passionate, continual learners who are willing to take initiative, there will be a place for them.