RSS Readers Redux

Short hiatus over!  The fall semester at Skyline College in San Bruno has started and with it, my Advanced Writing and Reporting for the Media class.  As with last semester, one of the first assignments I’m having my students do is to create a Google reader.  I gave the reasons for why RSS readers are so useful last semester.   The students can so much more easily keep on top of industry reading this way.  While I already gave them a bundle for multimedia blogs I’d like them to include in their feeds, they would benefit a lot from taking a look at what others are suggesting (even if much of the conversation is from a few years ago).  For starters, the Online Journalism Blog suggested two years back this treasure trove of 50 feeds, broken up into different categories. (And if you read the comments, you’ll find even more suggestions.)  If you like what the site has to suggest, you find even more about the blog’s take on RSS readers and their utility for journalists.

A Short Hiatus

Clearly this blog has taken a summer vacation!  As we approach the beginning of the fall semester at Skyline College, I will begin posting periodically on this blog.  In the meantime, why not head over to my other blog, the Skyline College Journalism Department? There, you’ll get news and updates from the program and its students, but you will also find some good journalism advice.  See you soon!