Follow These Journalism Blogs

It’s stating the obvious but I’ve been spending less time posting on this blog and more time posting on my other blog, Skyline College Journalism Department. The other blog is a way to publicize the terrific things our students are doing and to provide advice on entering the field of journalism.  It’s also a recruiting tool, though indirectly.  The idea is that if people know about the department, they’ll take our courses.  We like that.

All semester long, I’ve been utilizing the heck out of my Feeddler reader on my phone, keeping up-to-date (well, mostly) on the myriad blogs I follow, some of which are also on this site’s blogroll.  As I’ve already posted about, I see real value in readers (I use Google’s) and RSS feeds, even though they seem to be slightly out of favor.  Following these other blogs not only keeps me up to date in my field, but also gives me a steady stream of ideas for my multimedia class.    Each one is a free mini training resource–I’m consistently amazed by the writers’ generosity in sharing their expertise. So, despite the semester being over, I intend to stay on top of these blogs.  After all, during summer, I have the open space to rethink my courses and try out new ideas.

But I don’t think these blogs are just beneficial to journalism professors or journalists making the transition to new media skills.  Journalism students have a real opportunity to keep the learning going over the summer just by reading some of these blogs. Want general knowledge about being a better student?  Want to know more about a specific skill?  Want to gain career advice?  It’s all here.  So get reading!

Student Skills:

  • The Chatty Professor–the inside scoop on how to talk to your professors, chock full of great tips for being a good student

TV News and Video Skills:

Data Journalism Skills:

Digital First:


I have at least 30 other journalism and technology blogs I also follow, but this should get you started.

What are your favorite journalism blogs?  Let me know.

One Small (Coding) Step

I’ve been slacking on my commitment to learn coding, mostly because of time (we’ve hit the overdrive portion of the semester), but also because, well, frankly, it’s hard.

I can surmount some of the issues that have come up, but other times, I can’t seem to find what I’m doing wrong.  And I’m only on the beginning lessons the Code Academy offers.

Still, I was rewarded with my first coding victory the other day while heading towards the Golden Gate Bridge from Lombard Street.  Before starting this coding venture, I never would have understood this billboard.  But there I was, able to read it.  It’s one small step, but I’m glad to take it.