Equipment Impaired

First, a mea culpa:  I haven’t written in months.  I am not teaching my multimedia class this semester, so it has been easy to let this get away from me.

As I stated in an earlier post, I’ve got a view of myself as being pretty math-impaired.  (Nothing drives this home more than having your 5th grader tell you she can’t ask you for help on her math homework anymore and that she’ll have to ask Dad instead.)  What I’ve also come to realize is that I’m mildly equipment impaired as well.  I’ve been working on preparing my department’s first instructional equipment request in several years, and I can feel the missteps abound as I try, in part, to pull together the perfect list of gear for The Skyline View staff’s audio and video needs.  It feels like one giant puzzle:  Will this camera fit together with this shotgun mic?  Do cameras and shotgun mics even go together?  Is a Canon Rebel body similar enough to a Canon 60D?  Are all Canon Rebel bodies the same, regardless of the “version”? Should I get a Zoom H4n Digital voice recorder or the cheaper Olympus recorders?

I could go on.

In the end, I have far too many questions and far too little time to actual research the answers.  Instead, I’ll be trying best as I can to process and stick to the advice from gearheads on the Web.  Here are two I’ve looked at recently:  Equipment for Backpack Journalists and Gear of a Multi-Media Journalist.

If you have any other resources for me–or you can put me out of my misery by simply suggesting a comprehensive gear list–let me know in the comments.