Welcome to Journalism 121, Spring 2011

Okay, I admit it.  I’ve broken one of the cardinal sins of blogging:  I stopped blogging.  To be fair, this blog serves a particular audience (JOUR 121 students) with a particular purpose (to showcase their work and enhance our classroom discussions), both of which were made irrelevant when I was assigned to teach a different course for Fall 2010.

But I’m back.  We’re back.  And to get the discussion rolling, I’m once again having my students read the American Journalism Review‘s 2008 article on charticles as a lead-in to our Google maps assignment.  (On a sidenote, can there be such a thing as overusing hyperlinks?  I say yes.) I’m looking forward to reading their comments about the AJR article.

And yours.  While the targeted audience for this blog are my students, if you’ve found your way here too, please join the discussion–at least until the next time I take a hiatus from this course.