I’m willing to bet that you haven’t thought much about obituary writing.  The topic often sounds morbid and off-putting to my journalism students for several reasons.  The obvious one is that it doesn’t sound very fun.  You are writing about a sad event, so people think.  And students are often terrified of having to contact the family of the deceased.  The biggest barrier is that they feel they will be intrusive. But actually, it’s often deeply meaningful for the family to be able to talk about their loved one’s life.

And that’s the key:  The obit writer is writing about life, not death.  And while obits have always focused on what the dead person did while alive, obits are becoming less formulaic and well, more alive, more like other profiles.  In fact, the best obits depict what a valuable, interesting life the person had, whether he or she was famous or not.

The Society of Professional Obituary Writers says its goal for obit writers to regard writing obituaries as “once-in-a-lifetime stories that should be researched, reported and penned with as much care and attention as any other newsroom assignment.”  Sounds right to me.

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In-Door Entertainment for Skyline Students

Here is a list of various in-door sources of entertainment that are espcially useful for Skyline College students. They include: Theaters, Music/Bookstores, and Video Game stores. All of these locations can provide afforable, local entertainment to Skyline Students. All of these locations can be reached via SamTrans or BART.

Affordable adventures near Skyline

With the winter rains receding and sunny days becoming more of a regular fixture in the Bay Area, there are so many local outdoor activities for you to enjoy.  Whether you want to find beautiful scenery, fun people-watching spots or just want to try something new, you’ll find something to tickle your fancy on the adventure map.  Best of all, everything listed is absolutely free.  So dust off your hiking boots or camera and go enjoy the great outdoors.

Places for students to shop near Skyline College

Shopping on a budget doesn’t mean you necessarily have to resort back to the tried and true method of scavenging the clearance racks of the unwanted goods that other people have passed on. Here are some other great places to check out for some amazing deals.