Cloned News: A Tutorial

Consider this one a gift.  We’re not close to our unit on video yet, but I can’t resist posting this video on How to Report the News.  To put a pedagogical spin on something that really just cracked me up, I’ll take this as a challenge to teach something other than this worn-out cadence.    Thanks to my colleague, Curtis Corlew, for sharing!
Update:  To continue the theme, this time with blogs. . .

Let RSS Round ‘Em Up

If you’re like me, you surf the Web a lot.  And while I won’t quite say I mindlessly surf (in the way that one might channel surf), I know that I do get distracted.  Sometimes really distracted.  I’m willing to bet you’ve done the same.  And, actually, I really quite enjoy ending up far away from the spot I started in–I’ve found some great Web sites that way.

But, often, I just don’t have the time to do that.  That’s where RSS comes in.  Let your Google Reader or other RSS reader round up what you need so that you can focus.  Because we’re focused on journalism and technology this semester, you might want to check out 10,000 Words’ post on 20 Essential RSS Feeds for Multimedia Journalists. (Actually, some of these are already on the blogroll here, but add them to your feed, for easier access.)  Then, add a 21st:  10,000 Words!

To Be or Not to Be (a Part of the Story)

I read on Twitter tonight about a press release from the Society of Professional Journalists cautioning those reporting on Haiti from putting themselves directly into the story. While I can understand the desire to add oneself to the story–especially since, given the recent powerful aftershock, these reporters are almost earthquake “survivors” themselves, and because first-person accounts make more vivid the situation–it’s still risky, as SPJ points out.

Welcome to Journalism 121 for Spring 2010

Welcome to JOUR 121:  Advanced Writing and Reporting for the Media.  I’m excited for the semester ahead with you.  This semester, we’ll utilize this blog for posting student work, giving you a chance to publish the multimedia projects you conduct as we learn a variety of skills.